About Us

Founded in 1988, Shamco Associates serves the entire building industry with an objective to provide tiles of international standards in Kerala. Under the ownership of Mr. Shaji Ponnore has grown to be one of the most respected and recognized name in Flooring Industry. With a very clear vision and strategic positioning, Shamco Associates aims to be the best in the areas of Ceramics. Competitively reliable, Shamco Associates follow meticulously, the changing trends in technology and markets, customers' preferences and wishes, means of transportation, commercial methods, new technologies applied by manufacturers and other parameters. Shamco Associates is up-to-date with the changing pulse of market interests and customer fancies. It helps the customer to get the desired products in the market at the right price.

Shamco Associates is the proof for its adaptation with changing technology. This website helps the customer who visits the site to be aware of changing trends in flooring, modern designs, common fashion etc. Shamco Associate’s commercial methods are scientifically adapted for customer benefits like, fabulous range of products, availability at requirement, affordable rate and other privileges. Shamco Associates represents superior quality, excellent service and constancy. Customer convenience is the key consideration of the company and its superbly stocked showrooms with attractive displays of ceramic tiles, vitrified tiles and rectified tiles. Stretch your imagination and find tiles suitable for decorating your living space from floor to wall or even ceiling or as a contrast to your furniture.

We can offer you varieties from mosaics and porcelain to quarry and natural stone tiles. We aggressively pursue customer satisfaction by continuously enhancing their service levels. Shamco Associates is the main distributor of leading brands of ceramic floor & wall tiles in Kerala. We step forward to import ceramic as well as vitrified tiles to make avail international standard tiles to domestic customers at affordable rate. The super stockist status of Shamco Associates, helps the customer to collect the same kind at requirement straight away, from the show rooms of Shamco Associates.The company enables the customer to think different by supplying the tiles of self designs from the part of a customer. Supported by the good will gained by years of dedicated service, the company enjoys the deep trust of its customers.